I Love Islam ( for 7-10)

Nasiha Islamic Studies Programme

Aimed at young children with curious minds and simple desire to learn Islam. The course presents Islam in a pleasant manner to young children.

The children are introduced to history of the prophets, Basic Islamic Manners, Simple teachings of Wudu, Salah and other aspects of worship.

They will cover 40 basic Duas, Kalimahs, 11 short surahs with translation and simple yet comprehensive explanation as well.

Schedule & Fees

Days*:        Sundays

Duration*:   40 minutes per session

Time*:          9 am UK time   Fees:             £20 per month

*Dates and timings are tentative and may be subject to change

How we teach

How are Classes Conducted?

Classes are conducted via an online learning platform.

Some of the features of our virtual classroom include:

  • Live Audio Streaming
  • Content sharing via the White Board
  • Chat Box for live interaction with the Instructor

Course Outline

essentials of faith

Essentials of Faith

Articles of Faith

Divine Names and Qualities of Allah




Taqdeer (Destiny)

Minor Signs

Major Signs

 Mizaan and The Bridge

Life  after death,

Jannah and Jahannam



Seerah & History

Adam u,Nuh u,Hud u

Salih u,Ibrahim u

Ismail u,Ishaq u,Yaqub u

Yusuf u,Musa u,Isa u

Childhood of Our Beloved

prophet Muhammad r,

His Youth

Marriage to Khad|jah (R),

His Children

In the Cave of Hira ,

The First Revelation

The First Believers,

Open Call to Islam

Persecutions Faced by Muslims,

Migration to Abyssinia

The Boycott,The Year of Sadness

The Journey to Taif,

Inviting the Arab Tribes

Al-Isra and al-Miraj,

The Pledge at ‘Aqabah

Hijrah to Mad|nah Munawwarah,

Treaties with the Jews

The Hypocrites,

Battles & Ghazwat

Treaty of hudaybiyyah,

Bay’ah ar-Rizwan

Islam Spreads in Arabia,

Umratul Qaza

Conquest of Makkah,

The Battle of Hunain

The March to Tabuk,

The Farewell Hajj (Pilgrimage)

The Messenger r,

Leaves the World




to Five Pillars of Islam

Introduction to Taharah

Method of Wudu

Methods of Staying Clean:

Istinja, Wudu and Ghusl

Wudu in Detail:

Faraid, Sunan, Mustahabbat,

Makruht and Nawaqidh

Brief Introduction to Tayammum

Method of salah

Types of Najasah

Ghusl: Faraidh,

Sunan and Method,

Rakat of salah

Conditions of salah,

Nawaqidh of salah

Method of salah,

salatul Witr

salatul Qasr,

salatul Musafir

salatul Mareedh,

Masah Alal Khuffayn

Masah on Wounds,

Wajibat of salah

Sajdah as-Sahw,


Sunan of salah,

Forbidden and Disliked Times of


salah of a Masbuq,

Qada salah

Eid salah,

hajj and ‘Umrah,


morals n manners1

Akhlaq & Adab(Morals & Manners)


Politeness in Speech,


Starting from the Right

Hand Side

Keeping Promises,

Being Thankful

Spreading Salam,

Helping in Good Things

Kindness to Animals,

Thinking Good of Others


Kindness to Parents

Speaking the Truth,

Saying a Good Word


Seeking Permission Before Entering

Removing Harm from the Road,

Being a Good Neighbour

Seeking  Advice (Mashwarah),


Ties of Kinship,

Exchanging Gifts

Honouring the Guest,Virtues of Dhikr

Adab of:


Sleeping, Waking up

Using the Washroom

Greeting,Entering a House,




Studying Qur’an,Walking


Guests & Hosts,

Sitting in a Gathering


Social Interaction


Visiting the Sick