Nasiha courses

Join Inspiring, and engaging Nasiha Courses that nurture love and understanding of great Islamic knowledge and wisdom.

I Learn Quran

For All

We believe that learning Quran is a life long journey. Everybody should have access and opportunity to perfect the Tilawah.

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I Love Islam

For Young Children 7-10

Aimed at young children with curious minds and simple desire to learn Islam.

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I Learn Islam

For Youth 11-14

For children growing up fast to become teenagers and going through various changes and stages with lots of questions.

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I Understand Islam

For Young Adults 15+

Suitable for young adults who need to have clear understanding about themselves and their place in modern world.

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Who We Are ?

Nasiha Academy

offers interactive, engaging and comprehensive Islamic Studies’ Courses for children, youth and adults, in order to enrich lives of all people; stimulate intellectual discourse and produce people of sacred knowledge with understanding of modern world.

It is a great opportunity for our children and youth to learn directly from qualified and  experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching Quran and Islamic knowledge under the direct supervision of our honorable Sheikh.

You can learn different aspects of Islam (Beliefs, practices, Morals and manners, History and philosophy, wisdom, and logic etc.) explained in detail but in a very much age appropriate manner.

The students will have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions they may have. This will help clarify any doubts and appreciate an in depth understanding of the Faith and culture.

In short, Nasiha Academy offers both knowledge and Tarbiyah, as Sheikh (Mufti) Mohammed Abrarulhaq has more than fifteen years of experience teaching various age groups as well as adults. He has taught Quran, Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah, Islamic History, Arabic language, and spirituality. Respected sheikh has answered throughout these years thousands of questions directed by Muslims and non-Muslims.

Sheikh’s unique method of teaching connects basic concepts with an Ayah from the Quran, a short Hadith of the prophet (s), or a true story from the lives of companions or pious predecessors.

The students find it easy to grasp the basic ideas, retain the knowledge and apply it in real life.

Our Students Say


"Learning with Imam Abrar is very enjoyable. Every week when I leave class, I have always learnt something new. The Imam is very intelligent and he teaches all of us very well.


"I would recommend others to study with the Imam Mohammed Abrar because he is very informative and helpful. My understanding has developed a lot since I started studying with the Imam.


"I have enjoyed learning with Imam Abrar a lot because he is very nice and kind with a lot of tolerance. He is very smart and he can teach really well. I have benefitted in a lot of ways. For example in my Quran because I have got a lot more fluent. But not just reading. I have learnt the consequences of a lot of actions. He is nice and a very good teacher and I have enjoyed working with him a lot.


"I have enjoyed learning with Imam Mohammed Abrar the most. He explains topics that we do not understand very clearly especially in terms of Tajweed and Islamic Studies(fiqh, aqidah, sirah etc.) My Quran recitation has improved greatly especially my fluency. My understanding about Islam, its rules, Halals and Harams have also improved as his explanations always included Logic and reasoning. I would recommend Imam Abrar as a teacher to others because he is very nice, generous and tolerant. He always tries to make sense of the things we do not understand


"I have learnt seven Juz with Imam Abrar. I want to continue memorising the Qur’an and Insha’Allah, I will learn the whole Qur’an off by heart. I was motivated because it is a great thing to learn the Qur’an and you receive good reward to read the Qur’an too. Imam Mohammed Abrar has been a wonderful teacher in helping me to memorise the seven Juz I know today. He has also motivated me to always stay on track with my revision so that I do not forget what I have learnt.


"I enjoyed studying with Imam Mohammed Abrar because he is a really funny and witty person who makes us laugh. I have learnt the importance of Islam and about the stories from the Quran. I think these classes have strengthened my deen. I recommend studying with him because he teaches you in an intriguing way that grabs your attention immediately. My understanding has developed through numerous stories and lessons that have me improve my day to day life.


"I have enjoyed studying with Imam Mohammed Abrar because he explains the Islamic studies well. He also tells us stories that he knows. He has taught me a lot of rules and pronunciations in the book Nurani Qa’idah. I’ve also learnt a lot of things in the Islamic studies books. I think that I have benefited a lot in my lessons because I have read half of my book already. I would recommend others to study with Sheikh Mohammed Abrar ul Haq because he’s good at teaching, especially when we learn the Quran because he tells us what we are doing correct or incorrect. My understanding of Islam has developed. I know more rules about being a muslim and reading the Quran.


"I started to memorise the Qur’an when I was 8 years old and so far with Imam Abrar I have learnt Juz 30 – Juz 20. I was motivated to learn the Qur’an because not everyone has a chance to learn the book of Allah; It was a great privilege. I have enjoyed the journey so far and I am grateful to Imam Abrar for helping me along the way. Insha’Allah, I will complete the memorisation of the Qur’an.


"I recommend studying with Imam Abrar because he is very informative. My knowledge of history has increased.