Nasiha Academy offers interactive, engaging and comprehensive Islamic Studies’ Courses for children, youth and adults, in order to enrich lives of all people; stimulate intellectual discourse and produce people of sacred knowledge with understanding of modern world.

It is a great opportunity for our children and youth to learn directly from qualified and  experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching Quran and Islamic knowledge under the direct supervision of our honorable Sheikh.

You can learn different aspects of Islam (Beliefs, practices, Morals and manners, History and philosophy, wisdom, and logic etc.) explained in detail but in a very much age appropriate manner.

The students will have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions they may have. This will help clarify any doubts and appreciate an in depth understanding of the Faith and culture.

In short, Nasiha Academy offers both knowledge and Tarbiyah, as Sheikh (Mufti) Mohammed Abrarulhaq has more than fifteen years of experience teaching various age groups as well as adults. He has taught Quran, Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah, Islamic History, Arabic language, and spirituality. Respected sheikh has answered throughout these years thousands of questions directed by Muslims and non-Muslims.

Sheikh’s unique method of teaching connects basic concepts with an Ayah from the Quran, a short Hadith of the prophet (s), or a true story from the lives of companions or pious predecessors.

The students find it easy to grasp the basic ideas, retain the knowledge and apply it in real life.